Isaiah Thomas Refuses To Jump Against Antetokounmpo, Isiah Thomas Would Have!

Even though Isaiah Thomas has never dunked in a game, the 5'8 (don't believe the NBA official stat of 5'9 because I'm 6'0 and I feel like I'm towering over him) All-Star has serious hops. With that said, he doesn't have enough hops to win a jump ball against a 6'11 Greek Freak with a 7'0 wingspan and that's why he didn't even bother jumping.

Thomas did score a game-high 32 against Giannis and the Bucks but unfortunately came up a little short (no pun intended) in the 103-100 loss.

Speaking of short and jump balls, last month, Thomas and 5'9 Tyler Ulis got to participate in the unofficial shortest jump ball ever.

And speaking of jump balls and guys with the name Isaiah Thomas, here's a clip of 6'1 NBA legend Isiah Thomas winning a jump ball against 7'0 Will Perdue. Click here for more examples of Isiah's hops.