Isaiah Thomas Scores 47 Points In Seattle Pro Am Debut! Crawford Put on A Classy Show

Isaiah Thomas made his Seattle Pro Am debut yesterday scoring 47 points against Jamal Crawford,  Dorell Wright and the Wolverines. Fans got exactly what they came to see in a match-up of two crowd favorites going head to head.

Jamal Crawford scored 42 points and made the best play in Saturday's Seattle Pro-Am match-up between his Wolverines and the Ballislife Vikings.  The play wasn't an ankle breaking crossover - but he did that. It wasn't a 4-point play - but he did that. It was a play at the end of regulation that showed how classy he is.

Down by 1 with 9 seconds left in regulation, the refs called a very questionable...ok BAD foul on the Vikings putting Jamal at the line for 3 freebies.  The call was so bad that the Viking's Isaiah Thomas took off his shoes and jersey, exited the court and went to the locker room.  Crawford then calmly stepped to the line and hit a free throw before intentionally clanking two free throws so the game would be decided by the players in OT and not the refs in regulation.

It was move that shouldn't surprise people that were in attendance last year when he reset the score of a game with 5 minutes remaining so the crowd could enjoy 5 competitive minutes.  It's an idea that I would like to see implemented in the NBA All-Star game so fans can witness almost 4 quarters of freestyle excitement and then 5 minutes of the league's best playing to win.

But on this day, Crawford's classy move didn't lead to a win for his team on the court - his team lost by 8 in overtime behind 47 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists from Isaiah Thomas. But his classy move did lead to a win for everybody off the court that came to see some of their favorite basketball players play a great basketball game in one of the best basketball cities a team could ever wish to play in - SEATTLE!

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