Isaiah Thomas Vents About Refs After Game 4 Collapse

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Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas came into Game 4 firing and red hot. He made his first five threes and had 17 points in just 15 minutes. He left the game red hot and firing at the refs after scoring just two second half points and not attempting a single free throw in the 19-point loss.

“They were very physical. The refs were allowing them to hold and grab and do all those things,” said Thomas, who made just one of his last six shots. “I think, especially in that third quarter, I might have hit the ground five or six straight times, and I’m not the one that likes hitting the ground. So I think it got to be called differently.

“I’m not saying that’s the reason we lost. They went on a 26-0 run and we can’t have that on the road. But I can’t be allowed to be held and grabbed every pin-down, every screen. And I don’t shoot one free throw. I play the same way each and every night. So I think that has to change.”

Thomas was averaging 9.3 free throw attempts a game in the playoffs before Game 4 and attempted 8.5 throughout the season, while shooting 90%.

“No matter what, I’ve gotta play the same way,” said Thomas. “So whether I’m getting the calls or not, I’ve gotta be in attack mode, I’ve gotta be aggressive to get in the paint, to make things happen, not just for myself but for my teammates.

“But I have to put it on the refs to call it. So I’m going to keep attacking and keep being myself no matter if they’re calling it or not. But it does get a little frustrating when you continue to play the same way and there’s nothing being called.”

Thomas also had a donut from the charity stripe in Game 3 against the Bulls in the first round, then made 12 of 13 in Game 4 and 11 of 11 in Game 5. I wouldn’t be surprised to Thomas get to the line like this in Game 5 but if the Celtics want to win this series, they are going to need to step up more on the defensive end. The Wizards have won the last two games by a total of 46 points.

Source: ESPN