Isaiah Thomas vs Isiah Thomas on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Trolls Cavs With Getting Swept Joke

Have you heard any good jokes about the Cavs lately?

Even a former teammate of LeBron and JR Smith is participating in the roast and trolling the team that’s currently down 0-2 against the Warriors. That former teammate is current Laker Isaiah Thomas, who competed against NBA legend and two-time NBA champ Isiah Thomas in a pop culture game of Generation Gap on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • 57-year-old Isiah asking how do you cheat in this game and Kimmel replying, “You’re from the (80’s Bad Boy) Pistons, I’m sure you will figure it out.”
  • Isaiah Thomas answering “Chance The Rapper” when asked who made the song This Is America. Then Isiah Thomas said he was thinking of former NBA player Dion Glover instead of Donald Glover.
  • Isaiah Thomas not knowing what “the twist” is.
  • Isiah Thomas watching a girl “Twerk.”
  • Neither of them knowing who Thanos is. Hulk? Iron Man?

And by far the funniest moment is when the former Cav said, “I’m like the Cavs, I’m going to get swept.”


Isaiah Thomas got his name because his Lakers-fan father lost a bet. You can watch the video above to learn more about the bet, why his Mom didn’t want it spelled like the Piston great, Isiah Thomas, and how Isiah Thomas feels when he hears the Boston crowd chant Isaiah Thomas’ name considering all the damage Isiah did to the franchise in the 80s.