Isiah Thomas & Baron Davis Argue About Players Sitting Out To Rest

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Baron Davis

I’m sure you have seen and heard a million arguments about this topic but here’s one of the more interesting ones.

During Monday’s ‘Player’s Only’ segment, NBA legend Isiah Thomas aka one of the, if not the toughest pound-for-pound player ever, arguing with former NBA All-Star Baron Davis on the topic. Diddy is one of my all-time favorite players ever and I’m in no way taking a shot at him but it’s no surprise he would feel the way he does considering he had such a injury plagued career and talent very few point guards have ever had. It’s also not surprising Zeke would feel the way he does, considering he’s as old school as you can get, was the leader of the Bad Boys Pistons and once scored 25 points in a quarter of a GM6 in the NBA Finals on a severely sprained ankle.

While I’m bragging about the greatness of Zeke and pulling up old school clips, here’s Thomas scoring 16 points in 90 seconds against the Knicks in the 1984 playoffs.