It’s Just Akon Dunking On A Group Of Women Wearing Swimsuits & Heels!

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DeAndre Jordan

There’s no better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by dunking on a group of multicultural women wearing swimsuits and high heels!

I actually have no clue when this video was taken but I came across it today (thanks Hoops Central) and thought it would be amusing to post about a bunch of nearly naked women, on this specific day, getting dunked on by the guy who made the song Smack That!

For the easily offended, I’m just kidding around but if you enjoyed that clip of the Lonely and not Locked Up singer/entrepreneur then you might enjoy this classic Vine clip of a guy giving a girl a facial…DeAndre Jordan style!


The original video was posted by casting director Lala Means. The footage was taken during a break on the set of a new music video.


My favorite Akon song is this collaboration with Lonely Island.