ItsReal85: Carmelo Don't Pass - Welcome To NY D.Rose!

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Carmelo Anthony Derrick Rose

In 2014, YouTube genius ItsReal85 -- the man behind the NBA 'Uncensored Trash Talk' videos -- released a hilarious gem called, "Carmelo Anthony refuses to pass the salt!" In it, Melo and some friends are enjoying a formal dinner until one of the guests makes the mistake of asking Melo to pass the salt.

Two years later, he released a Melo doesn't pass sequel in the form of an NBA2k16 skit titled, "Carmelo Don't Pass: Welcome to NY D.Rose." The video is three laugh-till-it-hurts-and-you-start-crying minutes of Carmelo yelling at Rose, Kobe Bryant, and Steph Curry while going against LeBron James in a pick-up game.

Here are a few of the best moments.

Rose: I'm free.
Melo: You get the ball when my light bill and cable bill free.

Melo to LeBron: You did it for the land, I do it for the check in my hand.

Rose: Where's your spot so I can stay away from it?
Melo: It's the whole court

Rose: I'll be open in the wing.
Melo: OK, whatchu telling me for?


It's not as funny as the other two but here's the first video ItsReal85 did about Melo shooting the ball. I guess you can consider this part one of a trilogy.

And here is the "Melo doesn't pass the salt" video.