ItsReal85: Kobe talks about playoffs & injury / says they need Jesus not Dwight or Pau

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I’ve been the president of the ItsReal85 fan club for over a year now trying my best to get the world to see the brilliance in the funniest hoop and lip syncing videos on the web.  I don’t know if I need Sarah McLachlan music and some sick looking animals to get more people to act and subscribe to ItsReal85 but it bothers me that this guy and his NBA Uncensored Trash Talk is not more known yet.  He needs 10k more subscribers to get to 100k so make it happen.

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[tab id=1]ITSREAL85 is a one-man band that makes the funniest lip syncing videos on Youtube.  His NSFW cult series NBA Uncensored Trash Talk has become a viral sensation for mocking players, Chris Bosh, mascots, Chris Bosh, rapper and Chris Bosh.

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YouTube: ItsReal85
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More ItsReal85 Videos: On Ballislife


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