Iverson, Jason Williams & Dr J Appear In New Ice Cube Music Video For The Big 3

Almost 30 years after writing the lyrics to the hip-hop classic “Boyz N The Hood” and 25 since dropping the best basketball reference in hip-hop history, rap legend Ice Cube dropped a few new music videos in the past month to show why he’s one of your favorite rappers’ favorite rapper. The latest drop is about the highly-anticipated Big 3 basketball league and features many of your favorite ballers’ favorite ballers: The Answer, White Chocolate and Doctor J to name a few.

As cool as it was to hear one of the best voices in rap rapping again, as a an old-school fan, it was just as exciting to see DJ Pooh in the studio with Cube. You might know Pooh as Mark from “Friday” but in my book, he’s one of the most unappreciated producers of all-time. Besides producing the song with the best basketball reference ever (“It was a good day”), he produced the anthem “New York, New York” by the Dogg Pound and a lot of tracks for the underrated King Tee and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (Cube’s cousin, later turned into Deltron).

Since we are going back down memory lane and talking old school hoops and hip-hop, here’s a couple throwback videos with Ice Cube, starting with his posse cut (this wasn’t offensive to say in the 90s so I’m saying it now. Don’t treat me like I’m Phil Jackson talking about LeBron’s entourage) with B-Real, Peter Gunz, Krs-One and Shaq 20 years ago.

Speaking of Shaq, the first reference to the MDE in a rap song came in 92 when Cube said “I’ll slam dunk it like Shaquille O’Neal” in “Wicked.”

And here’s my favorite Cube video, which ends with DJ Pooh getting beat up at the end.