J.Cole challenges #1 ranked PG of 2016 Dennis Smith Jr in basketball

“I ball, I ball like Kobe in the fall. Put trophies on the wall”

Rapper J.Cole is a well-known basketball fanatic, who once called himself a “poor man’s Dwyane Wade.” Dennis Smith Jr is the #1 ranked point guard of the class of 2016, who often resembles a young Dwyane Wade with the way he can cross and blow past a defender and then throw down a huge dunk.

The two variations of DWade recently crossed paths at a roller skating rink and Cole challenged Smith (I’m not making this up, video proof above) to a game of basketball.

Now I’ve heard that the 29-year old Cole was supposedly good enough to be a walk-on at St. Johns about 10 year ago and I do remember him throwing down an alley-oop dunk at the 2012 NBA All-Star Celeb game but I don’t think that resume is going to scare the 17-year old hoop phenom.

Let’s take a look at Smith’s resume.

And here’s J.Cole’s…



Cole might not stand a chance against Smith in a game to 10 but here’s 10 basketball references (Compiled by Roc4life.com) by Cole worth checking out.

10. “Work Out”
AlbumCole World: The Sideline Story
“Man that thing in them jeans too fat for it. Rebound, so I caught her off the backboard.”

9. “Heartache”
AlbumThe Warm Up
“You looking at LeBron James of the game. I could do anything that you name.”

8. “College Boy”
AlbumThe Come Up
“We get ass like them basketball niggas, I’m balling. Got a sidekick so them hoes don’t be calling.”

7. “Cole World”
AlbumCole World: The Sideline Story
“Money was an issue, but now that that’s solved. I ball, I ball like Kobe in the fall.”

6. “Heavy”
Album: N/A
“Yeah, I’m a breath of fresh air you can place your bets here. Balling like a Laker you should pray for next year.

5. “Beautiful Bliss”
AlbumAttention Deficit
“All I wanna do is eat I’m like a freaky lesbian. Now all I wanna do is ball on TV, need E-S-P-N.”

4. “Return of Simba”
Album: N/A
“Being good is good that’ll get you Drew Gooden, but me I want Jordan numbers, LeBron footing.”

3. “Higher”
AlbumFriday Night Lights
“Down in Dallas at the All-Star game, spitting all-star game. Tryna get a nigga with an all-star name, something like James, something like Wade.”

2. “Dead Presidents II”
AlbumThe Warm Up
“My whole life practice to be the one. What it’s like to be Lebron. They calling you the savior so much pressure, but you deal with it.”

1. “Sideline Story”
AlbumCole World: The Sideline Story

“But, you’ll never play me like LeBron vs. Jordan. Twenty years wonder who they gone say was more important. Both changed the game, came through and made a lane. Who’s to say that who’s greater, all we know they ain’t the same.”

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