J Cole Pushes Up His Album Because Of Kanye?


According to J Cole’s twitter he his pushing up his highly anticipated album to June 18. Cole originally was suppose to release the album back in January. But due to some complications with the label’s and the fact that Cole is a perfectionist when it comes to his music his sophomore album was pushed back to June 25. In the beginning Cole was a little nervous about coming out a week after Kanye West Who tweeted that his album “Yeezus” will be releasing on June 18 2013. Even though it seems as if Cole has been on the scene for a long time. This is only his 2nd album which means he is still considered a rookie in the rap game. Usually most rookie’s would avoid releasing their album on the same date as one of the biggest hip hop stars in the industry. But instead Cole moved his “Born Sinner” album up a week to release on the same day as Yeezy. Cole Mentioned on Twitter that Kanye West is one of the greatest of all time. Its obvious that Cole is doing this as a test to see just how good he Really is.


Back in 2007 50 cent tried to pull this same exact stunt. With his album scheduled to release a month later he moved his “Curtis” Album up a few weeks to drop on the same day as Kanye. Unfortunately 50 lost the rap war and 50 Cent’s Curtis album sold 691,000 copies while Kanye West’s Graduation album shifted a two-year first-week album sales best of 957,000. Cole has been an elite artist since drop his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story which sold over 217,000 copies in its first week. The album landed at the No 2 spot behind Blink 182’s “Neighborhoods”. Now that J Cole has spent some time in the game working with some of the best producers and artist such as Pharell and Kendrick Lamar, the expectations are high for this next EP.
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