J.J. Redick was afraid to challenge LeBron so he pulled up for a jumper...and missed

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LeBron James JJ Redick Reggie Miller

Although LeBron has recently appeared in a lot of dunked "on, by, over, kind of close, etc" videos, I don't think LeBron was too concerned about J.J. Redick rising up against him and putting him on a poster.   JJ knows this too and that's why fear told him to stop and pull up for a short jumper.  "The Duke player" missed it and then was criticized by Reggie Miller for not using the glass like a UCLA vet would have.

So what happened to this JJ Redick that was preparing for Lob City?

For the Duke fans that want to take a trip down memory lane, here's JJ's first dunk in a game against Maryland.



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