J.R Smith has moved on from shoe laces to headbands | Messes with Vince Carter

JR Smith has a very long and amusing history of fines from David Stern.  Those fines ranged from $5k for flopping, $25k for posting a picture of Tahiry blocking his view of a game, $25k for a flagrant elbow, 25k for Twitter beef with Brandon Jennings, $50k for his shoe laces fetish and now Adam Silver will have to decide if messing with a player's headband is worth a fine.

That may sound ridiculous and if you watch the footage of Smith messing with Vince Carter's headband you will think there's no way that play deserves anything more than a joke but then again that's what we said when he first untied Shawn Marion's shoes.

J.R. Smith messes with Vince Carter s headband  Dallas Mavericks at New York Knicks   YouTube




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