J.R. Smith Tells Boston Fans They Are Going To Get Swept

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Dammit ref, you ruined the moment. Well, I guess it’s a good thing the ref wasn’t looking because he probably would have hit J.R. Smith with a tech for telling the Boston fans they are going to get swept.

The hilarious moment, which might crack the top 10 funniest Smith moments, came early in the third quarter of Game 2, when the Cavs were only up by 38.  But, this actually wasn’t the most upsetting thing Smith did to the Celtics on this night. The most upsetting thing was him knocking down this buzzer-beater before the half.

Meanwhile in Cleveland…

While we are on the topic of Smith playoff moments that pissed off Boston fans, here’s the pipe master knocking out Jae Crowder a couple of years ago.