J Wall 1 Woven Paisley Drops 11-24-2014

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John Wall

adidas dropped the J Wall 1 earlier this week. The shoe debuted with a $115 price tag which is a pretty decent price for a player signature shoe. adidas hooked it up with a pair so I have been walking around in them all morning and loving the comfort and look of the shoe. Enough about the initial release in Wizards red/blue/white.

Dropping November 24 will be the monochromatic cool grey paisley design with the teal bottoms. While I’m not the biggest paisley fan, I am a fan of how the paisley isn’t the focal point of the shoe design as it usually used in “design”. Instead, the paisley is used correctly on this shoe by being drowned out with the cool grey monochromatic color scheme. What I find to be a subtle hint of good color choice on what could have been in most eyes, a boring color combo, is adding the teal colored bottom of the sole. This makes the shoe sort of glow which I find to be a great design choice.  Check em out for yourself below –

all-colors bottom-shoe pasiley right-side-closeup shoe-tongue