Grinnell College's Jack Taylor does it again! Scores 109 points in 29 minutes (138 last year)

Jack Taylor of Grinnell College had us all fooled last year when he set the NCAA record for points in a game with 138.  Half of the NBA was tweeting about him when they heard about his performance.  Durant said the underage player deserved a shot of Jack Daniels and LeBron said it’s on the top of his list of games he wishes he could see.  Then, we all finally saw the 1 hour and 40 minute “game” (below) or the highlights of it and felt cheated, bamboozled and hornswoggled.

Well, Jack is back and the 5'10 Taylor scored 109 points today in a 173-123 victory.  More ridiculous than the 109 points is that it only took him 29 minutes.  More ridiculous than the 29 minutes is the 53 points he scored in 9 minutes of the second half.  More ridiculous than that is he made 24 of 48 3-pointers.  More ridiculous than that is I'm still giving you more ridiculous stats such as the fact that he's coming off a 71 point game which was the Pioneer's season opener.  That means this kid is averaging a ridiculous 90 points for the season so far!

"Just like last year, I couldn't have done this without my teammates," Taylor said. "I give so much credit to them. This truly was a team effort. I'm thankful for the program and the people I have playing with me."

"I don't know if 138 is possible again but I think it shows people that I can score with the basketball — that it wasn't just a one-time fluke last year."

He's right it's not a fluke.  It's becoming a trend and that's just ridic...whatever let's just end the article about Jack and Grinnell with that sound.

Box score from his NCAA record game


Jack Taylor



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