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Latest video from GrantLand with Jalen Rose talking about the dominance he witnessed in the NBA finals that was Shaq and how he felt Shaq never reached his full potential.   I’m not going to make this into a “in defense of Shaq” post but I will say injuries played a huge factor and it is the one thing Shaq said he wished would of be different in his career.  Shaq is already up there in the record books in multiple categories but if he wouldn’t of missed so many games during the Del Harris years with the Lakers he would be right at the top in some cats.

They also mentioned that Shaq never lead the league in rebounds or blocks.  This has to do with Shaq playing during the Deke & Worm era although Shaq was still 2nd in the league in rebounds in 93 & 94.  The Magic also wanted Shaq to stay out of foul trouble so he could be on the court more for offense so that’s another big factor for his drop in blocks and boards.  Then the Magic got Horace Grant who was good for 10 boards a game.

Bottom line is Shaq might not have been as dominant for as long as we wanted but most of us still consider him the most dominant ever.   I guess MJ could of won two more rings if he wouldn’t of played baseball but would he be considered any greater?

I wish they would of asked Jalen about his online beef with Shaq

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