Jamaal Tinsley breaks AJ Price ankles & puts on a streetball exhibition against the Wizards

This game between the Wizards & Jazz wasn't exactly a highly promoted one by TNT, ESPN, NBATV or even the local Utah station. That's too bad because it turned out to be a pretty exciting game that we all missed. And the most exciting missed thing was the And-1 streetball show courtesy of 34-year-old Jamaal "Mel Mel The Abuser" Tinsley.

Along with Rafer Alston, Tinsley -- who never played high school ball -- is the only other "streetball legend" that has played in the NBA over the past 20 years. And playing against young guns like Bradley Beal (19), John Wall (22) and AJ Price (26), Tinsley showed he still had some Rucker Park in him, finishing with 11 points, 6 assists, a W and two and a half minutes of highlights.

Below are some bonus highlights of Jamaal "don't forget the second A" Tinsley and his handles.



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