Jamal Crawford Tripping On A Fan At Staples Reminded Us Of This Larry David & Shaq Moment

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Fans of comedy legend Larry David and his brilliant HBO show ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm” probably had flashbacks while watching the Clippers and Lakers game on Tuesday.

Early in the second quarter, after Jamal Crawford hit a jumper over Brandon Ingram, the man known for dropping defenders ended on the ground after tripping on the legs of an oblivious courtside fan. The not-so-funny moment reminded me of a very funny moment from episode 8 of Curb’s second season, when a courtside-sitting Larry David accidentally tripped and injured Shaquille O’Neal at Staples.

Unlike ‘Kazaam’ and ‘Steel,’ I highly recommend watching this piece of Shaq acting. Here’s a few clips from one of the greatest shows ever.

Unlike Shaq in the episode, Crawford was fine, scored 15 total points and knocked down a pair of ridiculous rainbow threes in the game.