Jamal Murray Re-Enacts Michael Jordan’s Famous Switch Between Hands Layup

Nuggets rookie Jamal Murray only had one bucket during the Nuggets victory against the Jazz on Tuesday night but that one bucket was the play of the game and a play that people reminiscing about one of the best plays of Michael Jordan’s career.

Early in the 4th quarter, Murray came around a screen, drove between two defenders, jumped as if he was going for a dunk, saw Gordon Hayward and his perfect hair, switched to his left hand in mid-air and scored with a layup. Kind of like Jordan’s famous layup in the final minutes of the Bulls GM2 win against the Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals, but with a little less hang time.

Murray was asked about the shot after the game and his response was, “I just jump to jump.” He also jokingly said, “I’m not sure” when asked, “You know who made that shot famous?”

Here’s a couple of bonus clips of Murray in college and high school finishing with a dunk instead of switching in mid-air for a layup.