James Ennis off the backboard dunk & game winning 3 pointer vs New Zealand

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James Ennis

Now this is how you start and end a game.

If the name James Ennis sounds familiar then you might remember the Long Beach State player being drafted by the Hawks this year and then traded to the Heat.  He played for  Miami in the Summer league but wasn’t willing to play in the D-League for the $25k salary he would have received since he wasn’t on a NBA contract which would have raised his salary to $490k.  He instead went overseas and down under where he signed a six figure deal so he could support his family which includes a disabled mother, a father who works as a painter and his 5 brothers and sisters.

Besides the financial reasons, “Ennis the Menace” made the right decision because he’s watching his stock rise higher than his 4 dunks a game.  He’s averaging 22 points and 7 rebounds with the Perth Widcats and in his last game he got the crowd excited with a self off the backboard alley-oop in the opening minutes and then a deep game winning 3 pointer with 6 seconds left in the game.

Source: Fox Sports & Bleacher Report


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