James Harden and Dwight Howard have a mini-dunk contest in practice

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Dwight Howard James Harden

We have seen James Harden dunk on a lot of players but we haven’t seen many “competition dunks” from him over his career…even dating back to his high school days.  We did catch this pretty sick windmill off one leg from a young beardless Harden back at Artesia High and then another from the 2011 rookie/sophomore game.

But after watching Harden pull off this between the legs dunk in practice with such ease, I’m really curious to know what other dunks he can do.

Former dunk champ Dwight Howard then showed off a few of his creative dunks including a windmill off the wall and his underrated tap off the backboard dunk.

Magic fans might remember these dunks from this practice video of Dwight preparing for his 2nd dunk contest.

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