James Harden disguises himself as Anthony Davis in new Footlocker commercial

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James Harden is back for his 5th Footlocker commercial and like the previous 4, this one is hilarious.   The ad comes from the genius minds of BBDO New York who makes those “It’s Not Complicated” ads for AT&T, great Footlocker ads like “Week of Greatness” and this great Guinness commercial.

The concept is James Harden wants to keep shopping at Footlocker in February but doesn’t want to get mobbed by fans so he disguises himself as Anthony Davis since Davis is not “famous.”

As recognizable as should be an All-Star Anthony Davis’ unibrow is, it’s nowhere near as popular or as recognizable as All-Star Harden’s beard and I’m pretty sure if AD walked into Dreams in Houston, he wouldn’t get the same response as Harden.

Just for kicks (no pun intended), lets compare the two Footlocker stars across a few social networks.

James Harden

  • Twitter Followers: 1.78 million  W
  • Instagram Followers: 770k  W
  • Facebook Page Likes: n/a
  • Google Search “James Harden Beard”:  331k results

Anthony Davis

  • Twitter Followers: 403k
  • Instagram Followers: n/a
  • Facebook Page Likes: 496k  W
  • Google Search “Anthony Davis Brows”:  350k results  W


If you want to see a really hilarious video with Anthony Davis and James Harden in it, check out this NSFW video from ItsReal85.



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