James Harden & Kendrick Lamar play celeb principals for a day at Bethel High School in Alaska | GetSchooled

More than 325 high schools in 14 states competed in the Get Schooled three-month competition to improve high school graduation rates and college ready rates. Students earned points by completing key financial aid forms and engaging in a range of college preparatory activities. The more students in a school got involved, the better chance the school had to win.

The prize for most of these school competitions is usually a field trip, maybe some SWAG or a visit from a local “celeb” like the guy that does weather on channel 2 news.  The winners of the Get Schooled contest, Bethel Regional High School in Bethel, Alaska, got something a little cooler when the world’s coolest beard James Harden, CEO of Taco Bell Greg Creed and “best rapper” Kendrick Lamar accompanied by MTV host/celeb ambassador Sway showed up last week to play celebrity principals for the day.

Five years ago, Bethel was named a dropout factory, this year 83% of its graduating seniors went to college!

Ballislife would like to also congratulate Bethel HS and the Get Schooled program for putting together such a  great event.  Shout out to James Harden and Kendrick Lamar who performed at our Ballislife All-American High School game for participating and rewarding the students by being the coolest principals ever.  Also a big shoutout to Taco Bell and not just for those new waffle tacos they now sell in the mornings.  One last shout out to DJ Dallas Green who was the DJ for the day and worked with us on the Sprite Showdown tour in the past.


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