James Harden Responds To Flagrant Foul By Bogut With A Three & A Death Stare

After missing 11 games, Andrew Bogut made his return for the Mavs and racked up 0 points and 1 flagrant foul in 11 minutes of action against the Rockets. The flagrant foul happened in the 2nd quarter when he knocked a red-hot James Harden down with a screen.

“If you watch the replay, yeah, he made no effort to run around my screen,” said Bogut. “Yeah, it was a hard screen and I set hard screens. But to get a flagrant for it is kind of head-scratching.”

Harden responded to the foul by hitting a three on the other end and then giving Bogut a death stare as they walked past each other.

“That other team was trippin’ tonight, just disrespectful, unprofessional, players and coaches,” said Harden, who had 24 first half points and finished with 34 points and 11 assists in three quarter. “I don’t know what was their problem, but I think that got us going. They wanted to throw a little cheap shot and just woke us up a little bit and it was over from there.”

But the drama wasn’t over when the final buzzer went off. Ejected Trevor Ariza and a few of his teammates reportedly waited outside the Mavs locker room to confront Salah Mejri over some comments the Mavs’ center made about Ariza’s wife and kids during the game, which featured 8 techs and 2 flagrant fouls.