James White: Best Free Throw Line Dunker ever

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James White


Forget what he did or didn’t do in the NBA Dunk Contest a couple of years ago. Actually forget that whole mess of a contest that the NBA put on. Flashback to the days of HoopsTV in 2001 and the awesome Ball Above All VHS tape that featured a high school kid named James White throwing down some of the sickest dunks I’ve ever seen. Forget about the outcome of the McDonalds and NCAA dunk contests and remember the free throw line dunks he did in those events which have never been duplicated by anybody else. The only person who was ever been able to top those dunks from that contest was White himself when he competed in a the NBA D-League dunk contest and the Russian Cup contest in 2010 against Gerald Green.

So in honor of White’s birthday today, let’s take a few minutes to forget about anything that’s bothering you and appreciate the one and only James White.

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