Jamie Foxx Impersonates LeBron, Sings A Cheer Up Song For Cleveland

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LeBron James

The always hilarious Jamie Foxx, who stars in the new Edgar Wright film “Baby Driver,” was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night. During his visit, he did his best LeBron impersonation, talked about why he thinks LeBron gives him the cold shoulder now — Foxx has worked with Under Armour and Steph Curry on a series of commercials and campaigns over the past couple of years — and tried to cheer up the people of Cleveland by performing a special song just for them.

Cleveland this is for you, cheer up Cleveland,
Do you know why Cleveland, because you will always have Cleveland,
Even though you lost the game,
You still got the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame
And the mighty King James,
Damn it,  you’re OK Cleveland!

The song goes on to mention things people from Cleveland should be proud of, like Halle Berry and “who doesn’t want to make love to Halle Berry?”

This isn’t the first time Foxx has made a song about LeBron. Back in 2003, Foxx sang about a rookie LeBron during the ESPY awards.