Jason “Da Bomb” Kidd Attends a Fan’s Birthday Party 14 Years After Being Invited

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Better late than never right? In 2001, 10-year basketball fan Daniel Marks wrote a letter to his favorite basketball player in the NBA, Jason “Da Bomb” Kidd of the New Jersey Nets, and asked for some tips, an autograph, his teammates autograph and for him to show up to his upcoming birthday party.

As expected, the leagues best point guard and the Nets didn’t show up to his party (or the NBA Finals vs the Lakers). But, 14 years later, guess what the Kidd did (reference for the B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret fans)?

If you are wondering how or why this happened. Daniel is now an employee of the Bucks, which is where Kidd coaches, so you can connect the dots.

In honor of Daniel’s birthday, here’s a top 10 plays list that would have made Daniel go crazy a decade ago.

Source: Bleacher Report