Jason Kidd passes MJ on all-time steals list moving into 2nd | Unbreakable Stockton Records

Congrats to Jason Kidd for getting his 2,515th steal last night.  That steal moved him past Jordan on the all-time steals list to 2nd place trailing only John Stockton.  Now here’s the bad news, it’s impossible to catch John Stockton.  Due to the fact that Stockton played so many years and averaged so many steals while never getting hurt or sitting out games pretty much makes his records of assists and steals untouchable.

Stockton has 3,256 steals which is 748 more than Jason Kidd.  If Kidd continued to average close to 2 steals a game he would need to play 374 more games which means 4 1/2 full 82 game seasons.  I just don’t see Jason Kidd in 2016, 22 years after entering the league, still averaging 2 steals a game.  To make it sound even tougher to reach, Rajon Rondo has 784 career assists.   Jason Kidd would basically have to do what Rondo has done so far in his career in the assist department for the remaining part of his career to catch Stockton.

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More insane than Stockton’s steals record is his assist record which Jason Kidd also stands behind at 2nd place.  Jason Kidd has 11,705 assist compared to Stockton’s 15,806.   This means Kidd needs 4,101 assist.  How tough would be to get 4,101 assist?  Only 93 players have ever reached 4,101 assist in a career.  Point guards Kenny Smith, Scott Skiles and Brian Shaw all have a little less than that number.   So Jason Kidd needs to have the assist career of one of those guards for the remaining years of his career, 2-3 years, to catch Stockton.  Can Kidd average 1,367 assist a season to do it?  That’s only 17 assist a game for 3 full 82 game seasons.

Stockton’s assist record is so mind boggling that if you add #9 all time Rod Strickland to #10 Mo Cheeks you still wouldn’t have Stocktons record.    The name that comes up a lot as a what if is Chris Paul who currently has 4,442 assists which is 11,364 short.   We don’t even have to do the math.  When Cp3 throws enough lobs to duplicate what he’s done so far 3 times then we can pull out the calculator.

For right now, let’s just celebrate the amazing careers of #1 and 2 in steals and assists – John Stockton and Jason Kidd.

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