Jason Kidd’s Awesome reaction to the Nets ending their losing streak

You are Jason Kidd – one of the greatest point guards ever and current season ticket holder (some say coach) of the Brooklyn Nets. Your team, that has lost 5 in a row, is up by 2 with 10.7 seconds left. Rudy Gay, who has hit game winners over LeBron and many other defenders, has the ball but he’s only 3 for 12 on the night with 7 turnovers. You are thinking he’s still going to shoot the ball because we are talking about a guy who supposedly had stat sheets banned from the Raptors locker room and didn’t think it was a big deal that he shot 11-37 in a game earlier this season.  Then you are thinking the ball might go to the hot hand of DeMar DeRozan who has a game high 27 points.  NOPE! Gay throws the ball to Amir Johnson who attempts a 3 pointer to win the game. Considering Amir has only made 14 shots from downtown over the past 9 years, you are feeling pretty good about number 15 not happening.  As expected, the shot is missed and the Nets win. You celebrate by acting like Harrison Ford on the latest David Blaine special.


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