Jason Kidd retires…2 days after co-rookie of the year Grant Hill retires



My time in professional basketball has been an incredible journey, but one that must come to an end after 19 years – Jason Kidd

Two days after Grant Hill announced his retirement, the Knick’s Jason Kidd put up his sneakers at the age of 40.

After 19 seasons, Kidd finished second behind the unreachable John Stockton in All-Time Regular Season Assists and third in All-Time Playoffs Assists, behind only Magic Johnson and John Stockton. Those accomplishments are great but not that surprising since we knew he was going to be an all-time great point guard since the days of the 3 Js.

What is surprising and impressive is the player that came into the league known as Ason Kidd (because he didn’t have a J/Jump shot) left the league third in all-time made 3-pointers for the regular season and 8th in Playoffs.


Other bullets on his resume include

  • 10 All-Star appearances
  • 6 All-NBA spots
  • 9 All-Defense team selections
  • 2 Gold Medals
  • 2 Sportsmanship Awards
  • 1 NBA Championship with the Mavs (he made it to the finals in 2002 and 2003)

Like Grant Hill, Kidd was a true professional that was welcomed on every team in every locker room. I’m going to miss them but the league is going to miss them more because they just don’t make ballers like them anymore.

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