Jason Richardon’s weight gain! Might miss entire 2013/14 season

I have that same feeling now that I had when I watched Jessica Simpson get fat.  All I could think about was the great highlights from her early videos, Maxim shoots and Dukes of Hazard scenes and now I’m looking at fat (not pregnant) Simpson that’s inferior in looks to her sister before the nose job.

The reason why I have that feeling is because I just saw this pic of one of my favorite players of all-time – Jason Richardson. The 13 year vet on the 76ers had a season ending kneecap injury back in January and according to Richardson, he’s out until at least next January.

“We are pushing late January, early February, hopefully to see how mentally I’m doing and how physically I’m doing. But right now, we are in a slow process. No impact stuff right now. The doctor wants me to hold back on that. I’m just taking my time right now and taking a slow approach to it.”

Before you start pulling some Derrick Rose comments on Richardson, read these details from Jason to Mlive.com on the injury and surgery.

“I was diagnosed with having a hole in my meniscus about the size of a quarter. Going to several doctors to see what was the best procedure to have, I decided to go with a fairly new procedure called Denovo surgery. It’s a surgery where they take juvenile cartilage and implant it back into my knee where the cartilage damage occur.

“Although the most common surgery for basketball players (micro-fracture surgery) has a quicker recovery time, I felt that the Denovo surgery has a better long-term success rate post basketball.

“My rehab process right now… I have to be on crutches for 12 weeks completely … no weight bearing on my left leg (Been on them for 5 weeks now), after crutches I have to be in a special brace called the loader brace which relieves stress from the area of the surgery for six months.

“Some time by mid-October, I will be able to start lifting light weights, and hopefully if all goes well I will be able to resume normal basketball activity by late January-early February.

I’m as optimistic about the 76ers upcoming season as I am of Jessica getting her singing and acting career back on track.  With a roster that includes Richardson, Noel, Kwame Brown, Lavoy Allen, Arnett Moultrie (surgery last week) and Royce White, it looks like the only good that could come out of this is if they win the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes just like how Jessica Simpson won the Weight Watchers sweepstakes that’s worth $8 million.

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