Jason Terry Goes Scoreless in 33 Point Loss After Guaranteeing a Victory

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Jason Terry

Jason Terry became Michael Jordan in the playoffs last night.  No, he didn’t become the GOAT by putting up 55 points in GM5 against the Warriors or by hitting a game-winning shot to survive another day against the wounded defending champs. No, he became his airness in the form of the crying MJ meme.

Before do-or-die game 5, here’s what the “motivator” had to say.

“That’s going to be a long flight for them to come back to Houston,” Terry said to the Houston Chronicle. “It’s going to be a nice flight home once we get this win (Wednesday). I’m guaranteeing it.”

“If I don’t, then what? It’s a loss, right? I guarantee victory because I know what it’s going to take. I believe in my group. I know we can get a win here and send this home to Houston.”

Klay Thompson responded to the comment with a “good for him” and then dropped 27 points with 7 3-pointers in a 33 point massacre of the Rockets. Jason Terry responded with a donut on 1 of 7 shooting in 22 minutes….