Jason Williams' Son "White Chocolate Jr" Breaking Ankles & Making Flashy Passes

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Jason Williams

The internet went crazy this past week watching almost 40 year old Jason "White Chocolate" Williams show that he can still break ankles at the Orlando Pro-Am. Get ready for the internet to go crazy again with Home Team Hoops new video of Jason Williams'....13 year old (?) son Jaxon aka "White Chocolate Jr" breaking ankles and making flashy passes.

The footage is from a scrimmage and a couple of AAU games and the reason why I put a question mark next to the age of 13 is because there's a video of little ball handling wiz named Jaxon Williams (making 10 3-pointers in a row!) that was posted 2  years ago and it says he's 8. So either there's two young Jaxon Williams out there or the age is wrong on one of these vids. Regardless of the exact age, the kid is fun to watch.