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It was 13 years ago that Jason “White Chocolate” Williams first showcased the behind the back elbow pass in the 2000 Rookie game at All-Star weekend.  Unfortunately the first time he did it, the recipient was NBA bust Raef LaFrentz who ended up getting fouled preventing Williams from picking up an assist on the epic pass.

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12 years later, Jason Williams joined the USA Legends tour, made up of high flying streetballers and slightly heavier NBA players from the 90s, and this time he had hall of famer Scottie Pippen on the receiving end who was able to catch the elbow pass and dunk making the epic pass also an epic assist.

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Jason Williams is back for another NBA Legends tour running with Dennis Rodman, Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton, Bryon Russell along with young high flyers like Guy Dupuy, Mr Afrika and coaches Iceman Gervin and Charles Smith.  Unlike many of the other NBA Legends that aren’t able to show off the moves and game that made them so great in the NBA,  Williams can still execute the same passes that often bounced off the face of Vlade Divac.


The ex NBA players might be the headlines of the event but if you are at the events then you will know that one of the most exciting highlights of the games is watching dunking YouTube sensation and international pro player Guy Dupuy (pictured 3rd from left in the white tanktop in the picture above).  Like Williams and his trademark passes, the 6’3″ Dupuy has a few trademark dunks and most of them include between the legs dunks over 3 or more people.

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More Guy Dupuy

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