Jason Williams Will Go Head-To-Head With Baron Davis During the 2017 NBA Celeb Game!

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This might be the first time I’ve ever been excited about the NBA All-Star Celebrity game. It’s going to be cool seeing Mark Cuban playing with the father and son duo of Romeo Miller and Master P; It’s going to be great seeing basketball legend Oscar Schmidt wearing a NBA jersey; It’s going to be cool seeing NBA impersonator Brandon Armstrong pull off a James Harden impersonation while being guarded by WNBA great Candace Parker; It’s going to be cool seeing actor Anthony Mackie redeem himself for the awful “Crossover” movie; But there’s two reasons I’m most excited about the upcoming game:

#1 is our longtime friend and NBA 2kTV host Rachel DeMita will finally get a chance to show she’s just as talented on the basketball court as she is beautiful off of it. Don’t believe me, scroll down to watch her knock down 4 threes and score a game-high 22 points at a celeb game last year.

#2 is two of my favorite players of all-time, Baron Davis and Jason “White Chocolate” Williams, will be facing off against each other like it was the late 90’s or early 00’s.


Michael Smith’s West Team: Miles Brown (actor), Tom Cavanagh (actor), Mark Cuban (Mavericks owner), Baron Davis (former NBA player), Andy Grammer (musician), Jiang Jinfu (musician), Anthony Mackie (actor), Romeo Miller (musician/actor), Hasan Minhaj (actor/comedian), Master P (musician/actor), Candace Parker (WNBA player), and Aaron Sanchez (celebrity chef)

Jemele Hill’s East Team: Brandon Armstrong (social media star), Win Butler (musician), Nick Cannon (actor/musician), Rachel DeMita (NBA 2K TV personality), Ansel Elgort (actor/musician), Marc Lasry (Bucks owner), Caleb McLaughlin (actor), Peter Rosenberg (media personality), Oscar Schmidt (former international basketball player), Lindsay Whalen (WNBA player), Jason Williams (former NBA player), and Kris Wu (musician)