JaVale McGee shows off his new Ninja Disguise T-Shirt and throws a party for his new Website

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JaVale McGee

Love him or hate him,  you have to appreciate JaVale McGee for what he is.  I don’t mean just as a very talented NBA player that makes the occasional bonehead play that ends up on Shaqtin a Fool but a great entertainer that provides as much amusement off-the-court as he does on-the-court.

Last night, the Denver Nugget who has an upcoming reality TV show with his mom on the OWN network, celebrated the launch of his new website by throwing a party for his fans at the Nuggets Center.

At the event, JaVale was interviewed by Momma (Pam) McGee and took questions from the crowd about basketball and his awesome new website that has all of the latest JaVale news and media as well as past viral vids like the one where he told Shaq he was “old as dirt” and called his show “Shaqtin the coon.”

The site is bookmarked and I’m looking forward to drafting the Ninja like I always do in my fantasy leagues but if you have ever had McGee on  your fantasy team then you know how frustrating it can be…but fun and worth it.


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