JaVale McGee’s ‘Venus Fly Trap’ block/catch! / JaVale’s Top 5 Blocks

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For every SMH bad play JaVale makes that ends up on Shaqtin a Fool, he makes two SMH great plays that ends up on plays of the days.  Last night, McGee had one of my favorite plays in basketball which is a block/catch.   Most of these usually get called for goaltending and that’s exactly what new Cav Mo Speights wanted but it was a no call that lead to a dunk by Iggy on the other end.

There’s been some memorable catch/blocks in the past by McGrady, Webber, Shaq, Dwight, DeAndre and a few others but I don’t think any player has done it as many times as McGee.  In honor of the unofficial stat, here’s the top 5 blocks by the Shaqtin a Fool hall of famer and one of the most exciting entertainers in sports.

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[youtube id=”BvbzSzVbdOg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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