Javaris Crittenton Timeline - From Lakers to Arenas to Murder Charge to the unthinkable

UPDATE (4.29.15) Javaris Crittenton has been sentenced to 23 years for murder of a mother of 4

If the name sounds familiar to you then you might know Javaris Crittenton as the other guy involved in the Gilbert Arenas Mexican standoff that took place on Christmas Eve in the Wizard's locker room.  This lead to a rest of the year suspension for him and Agent Zero but unlike Zero, Javaris had next to zero options once the Wizards cut him.

Let's go back to his senior year in high school where a promising young man with a 3.5 GPA, member of the Future Business Leaders of America was averaging a near triple double a game.  With those types of apples, Javaris Crittenton was named Mr Georgia Basketball and received a scholarship to Georgia Tech.  He would only spend 1 season as a Yellow Jacket before making himself eligible for the 2007 Greg Oden Sweepstakes.

Oden went #1 as expected while the SuperSonics won the lottery by landing Durant at #2 and Javaris and his luck hit a jackpot of his own being drafted by the championship contending Lakers.  His stint with the Lakers only lasted a season before being packaged in the steal of the decade when the Lakers got Pau Gasol for his brother, Javaris and Kwame Brown.  The next season also meant his next team and next to last team.

When he was traded to the Wizards he was teamed up with outcast and hot head Gilbert Arenas and as mentioned above his early Christmas exchange turned out to be a career ending one.   The Bobcats gave him a shot during preseason of the next season but that lasted only a couple of weeks.  He tried to find acceptance in China playing in the CBA and that only lasted a few weeks.   A year later he had a trial in the D-League but that would only last weeks as he would soon end up on trial on a much more important stage.

On August 26, 2011, Javaris was charged with the murder of a mother of 4 that he said he did not mean to shoot in his failed drive by shooting that was targeting a man that supposedly robbed him months earlier.  For the past year, Javaris has been out on bond waiting for a trial and also the birth of his newborn.

Here we are days away from Christmas and just like the Christmas of 2009, we find Javaris in another unthinkable situation.  He's  now accused of slapping the mother of his child in the face while she was breastfeeding their 1 day old child!  He's also being accused of roughing her up while she was pregnant and sending her death threats via text messages.

Merry Christmas Javaris. It's safe to say that when the judge puts you on the naughty list, hopefully in the near future, your luck and multiple chances, that millions of nice people would love a shot at, will finally run out.

Read More about Javaris and his baby mama at TMZ



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