Jay Williams blasted for posting a pic of himself w/ Justin Bieber & saying “he is changing lives”

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Grant Hill Jay Williams


Dukies receive a lot of hate as is.  Even good-guy Grant Hill gets hated on a lot for being a Duke Blue Devil, but being a Blue Devil that supports “the Devil” that is Justin Bieber is just sinful to some. So when one of the best Blue Devils ever posted this pic of himself with Selena Gomez’ boyfriend and the caption,

“Spending the last 2 hours with @justinbieber was truly inspiring. He is changing lives. #BELIEVE

Many of his followers on Twitter and Facebook took it too personally, felt betrayed and let the former NCAA Champion know it.

Jay’s response.

Also keep in mind that Jay has known Bieber since Justin had a likable public personality.

Now on to the hate,

  • Jonathan Brooks – Really? A guy who graduated from Duke in 3 years thinks he is inspiring? Come on Jay.
  • Jonathan Scott Salvi – F bieber!!! I have been a duke fan since 86 and a fan of you until now Jason You broke my heart Btw, my cousin lives in Durham and works at Duke… You are dead to us
  • Tyler Welch – Lost mad respect for you jay. You prob got the mcants treatment at duke. Seeing as now your saying uneducated comments. Geez.
  • Kathy Bryant Douglas – Maybe you should explain EXACTLY HOW that punk is inspiring and changing lives, because all we see is a spoiled rotten brat that is out of control. If you have something you can share, fine! Until then you lose all credibility!!! ALL!
  • Kak Drimmel – Duke guys r supposed to b smart! Lost a lot of credibility with this post!
  • Leah Matinzo Krzyzewski – J Will…..We, as Blue Devils have standards . This young man started out changing lives he has managed to wreck havoc in his own. That’s not what us Devils do!
  • David Abraham – Jay, I’ll introduce you to some real world changers if you’d like. People that are changing a generation, fighting to end human trafficking, raising the orphaned, and many more. Bieber needs to be saved.
  • Shaunece Wells – Changing lives…really? Well that may be true . He is showing his ass and letting young people think its cute to have money and be destructive…so right…for the WORST. *rolls eyes* Him, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, or any non celebrity kid/adult on the streets needs a boot camp lesson and be on GR, food stamps, have to pay rent WITH a budget, and have the Ferrari confiscated for a damn bus pass. I bet they will be pushing Joel Osteen OUT the pulpit to preach. People are out here facing REAL life issues. Unemployment, eviction, and bare cabinets. All he has to do is his interviews, record his records, do his PAID club appearances, and take his tail home and just chill and lay low. He has made mistakes young. I pray he gets it together while he is young. An old fool, there’s no excuse for!

I wish I had a list of how Bieber is changing the world but thanks to Billboard I do have a list of 25 ways Bieber is messing it up. It stops in January so I’m sure an updated list would be near 40.

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