Jay-Z changes his name to Jay Z

Let me reintroduce myself. My name is….what!  No more hyphen?  Just Jay and then a space and then the letter Z?  After 14 years in the rap business he now wants to get rid of the hyphen.  That’s like Cindy Crawford having her mole removed now.

The story broke last night from the Twitter account of Billboard editor Joe Levy that rapper, entrepreneur, husband of Beyoncé (is she going to have her accent mark removed too) and sports agent Shawn Corey Carter aka Hova aka Jigga aka Jay-Z no longer wants the hyphen in his name.

Just for that I’m not going praise his 3 AMAs, 6 BET awards, 2 Billboard awards, 9 MTV awards, 17 Grammy awards & 1 Nickelodeon award. I’m not going to brag about his 15 Platinum albums including Hard Knock Life that went 5 x Platinum. I’m not going to talk about his successful business ventures (FYI, his .067% of the Nets was only worth around $355k) that have earned him over $400 million and landed him on the cover of Forbes and Times Magazine.  I’m not going to talk about how he ended up with one of the hottest women in the world.  Nope!

I’m going to show a bunch of pictures of Jay-Z before he was the most popular and arguably best rapper in the game. Enjoy JAY Z!

Source: Spin

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