Jay Z Spends 10k on Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw Mixtape

Nipsey Hussle took a big risk by selling 100k copies of his “Crenshaw” Mixtape for $100. In case your wondering yes the mixtape was available for free download, and yes i downloaded the free copy. There were a lot of people that respected his decision and supported his movement. one of the people that took heed to this move was none other then Jay Z. With Nipsey still being consider an underground rapper it’s good to see that people are finally starting to take him serious. Hov’s Roc Nation team contacted Nipsey’s and told him they respected what he was doing and asked for 100 copies. Could this be the start of a new partnership? Nipsey has been grinding on his own without the help of a Major record label for some time now.  His first mixtape “Bullets aint got no names” received over 60k DL within its first week. That might not seem like a lot but for an up and coming artist it shows a lot of potential.  Now with the release of his latest project “Crenshaw” Nipsey has lived up to the hype. The mixtape has only been out for 2 days and already has over 170k downloads. This reflects a lot on Nipsey’s hard work and dedication to his craft.



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