Jazz Fans, Mascot & Gobert Found Out KD Ain't Nothing Ta F' Wit In GM3

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Bam! Aw, man! I slam, jam, now scream like Tarzan
I be tossin' and flossin', my style is awesome
I'm causin' more family feud than Richard Dawson

Those are a few bars from the RZA in the 1993 classic 'Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing ta F' Wit.' It's also the song that came to mind while watching Kevin Durant in Game 3 against the Utah Jazz.  Besides dropping a game-high 38 points on 15 of 26 shooting to go with his team-high 13 boards, KD dropped a few F bombs on the Jazz, including their mascot.

Here's KD having some fun, talking trash to some fans.

Here he is telling the mascot to "get the fuck off the court."

I'll let the lip readers have fun with KD talking to Rudy Gobert like he used to talk to Dwight Howard after this flagrant foul.

After the game, KD had some amusing comment about the refs calling a flagrant foul on him.

"Just basketball...That's why they call our league soft. We call flagrants for stuff like that."

What makes KD playing the "bad guy" so amusing on this night is just three years ago today, we were crying our eyes out and talking about how much of a "good guy" he is after watching him give his "you the real MVP" speech.