Jeff Green Dunks On Kyle Korver & Then Takes A Scary Fall

On Wednesday night Uncle Jeff Green went up for a dunk and Kyle Korver attempted to block it. Without knowing the results, i’m sure you can think of a handful of posters by Green (Al Jefferson, Baynes, one of the Morris twins, Seraphin to name a few). Now think about how many times you have seen Kyle Korver take flight or swat a shot (he has 1 block this preseason).

The result of the meeting between the two was a dunk by Green but in Korver’s defense (no pun intended), Green did push Korver in the face (offensive foul?).  Green also took a scary fall when he attempted to land on 1 foot. Luckily Green was OK and the Grizzlies would go on to win 82-81 despite being outscored 24-7 in the first quarter.