Brandon Jennings throws the off the backboard alley-oop to Andre Drummond

When he’s not posting entertaining dunk videos to Vine, Andre Drummond has been entertaining us on the court with big dunks and big stats that fans and Fantasy team owners were hoping to see this year.  Although the Lakers won the game, Drummond, wearing a Motor City throwback jersey, recorded his 4th double double in a row with 14 points and 13 rebounds.  The best of those 14 came off this fancy off the backboard pass from Brandon Jennings who had 14 assists to go with his 23 (8-22 fg) points.

The dunks was nice but if you want to see the best off the backboard alley oop ever then check out this off the backboard alley-oop from one of Vince Carter’s annual charity games that he used to host back in the Toronto days.

and this might be the best missed off the backboard dunk ever – starring Vince Carter of course.


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