Jennings throws the oop to Larry Sanders & two fat guys get excited

I’m pretty sure if Skiles decided to sit 4 of his starters for the Bucks Hornets game, David Stern wouldn’t of fined him $250k or even $250.  I say at worst, Stern sends Skiles a stern email.

The good thing that would of happened if Skiles did rest those players is more minutes for new Fantasy stud Larry Sanders who is a shot blocking beast.  Last night in 25 minutes, Sanders had 8pts 7rebs 7blks and has averaged 12 points 12 rebounds and 7 blocks a game over his past three.   Sanders also had the dunk of the game when he caught the oop that Monte Ellis wanted for a big two hand dunk that a handful of people were in attendance to witness.

Out of those handful people there were these two fat guys, each wearing one of the team’s jerseys, that enjoyed the dunk.  Everybody else seemed happy with the balloons and some cared that the Hornets beat the Bucks by 21 eventhough Skiles had his 4 best starters.

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