Jeremy Lin 25 points 7 assist against the Nets – Yes he has a degree from Harvard too!

Jeremy Lin > you.  Mike needs to give him more minutes. Spike Lee needs to do another movie and hire Lin to play a store owner that sells D batteries.  Woody Allen could use him in his next film but he never works with Asians.

Back to the game,  If I said the Knicks won and Amare only scored 17 points which is 6 more than the red hot Carmelo (3-15 last night) what would you think? Granted they played the awful Nets but I want to credit the man with more academic credits from a prestigious school than any other NBA player and that’s Jeremy “i’m playing for the Knicks this week” Lin.

Lin went off for 25 points 7 assist 5 rebounds and 2 steals in 35 minutes off the bench.  25 points is more than Amare, Fields, Shumpert, Douglas and Walker combined last night.

Congrats to Lin.  Just think about this.  He went to college without an athletic scholarship.  Graduated from Harvard. Went undrafted.  Ended up in the NBA and might of just saved Mike D’Antoni’s job last night.


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