Jeremy Lin Scores Team-High 17 Points with 7 Assists in Hornets Debut – It Must Be The Hair!

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Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin must have taken a shower before the game, blow dried it and forgot his gel at home because he had that floppy post shower Asian look in his impressive Hornets debut on Saturday night: the poofy haired Hornet came off the bench and scored a team-high 17 points and also dished out 7 assists in the win over the Magic.

For the summer, Lin’s been sporting a spikey hairstyle (warning: don’t ever touch the tip of an Asian man’s hair when hairspray is used – it will cut you!) and for the majority of his pro career he’s had a really short cut. You have to go all the way back to his Harvard days to see Lin rocking a real Asian kid or FOB hairstyle. Before you call me racist, I should mention I’m part Asian so I’m an expert on the topic of having straight Asian hair and the daily struggles with it.