JJ Redick preparing for Lob City | pre-game dunks with Vince Carter & Dwight Howard

Not exactly known for high flying highlights, new Clipper JJ Redick posted a few dunks on Instagram and wrote “Getting ready for #LobCity.”  I don’t think it will convince Chris Paul to throw any lobs or make Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler fans in LA feel any better, but I’m sure it shocked a few people that thought all JJ was good for is crazy contracts and 3 point shooting.

More shocking is seeing JJ Redick throw down dunks is this pre game dunk exhibition in Orlando with ex teammates Vinsanity, Dwight Howard, Jason Williams and Marcin Gortat with a between the legs dunk!

If you really want to see some pretty fly for a white guy footage then check out the 2013 Sprite 3×3 Eurotour dunk contest won by Smoove last week.

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