JJ Redick Gets Poked In The Eye After Scoring Career-High 40 Points, 9 of 12 from 3

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By the time Jason Terry poked J.J. Redick in the eye in the final minute of the Clippers and Rockets game on MLK day, it was too late. Reddick connected on 9 of 11 from downtown and a perfect 9 of 9 from the line - including the 2 after the Terry poke - on his way to a career-high 40 points in an OT win.

"I think I take most losses personally, not just to the Rockets," Redick said. "But going back to last year, we had lost five in a row. C.P. and I talked earlier today just about how frustrating it's been. They're a team that thinks they're better than us, and rightfully so given the results over the past season and a half. So it was important tonight for us to hit them first and be more aggressive from the start."

Redick set the Clippers' franchise record for 3s last season with 200.  He has 103 so far this season and is on pace to break that record.